Shannon's initial curiosity of photography was instilled by her late grandfather Charlie. She has had images recognized by National Geographic.com, Oprah.com & NBC's Today.com. Shannon is in the early pre-production phase of her first two part legacy project that features a still project titled "Lupus Warrior Portrait Project" and her first documentary "Chasing The Wolf" which will highlight the struggle of those living with lupus and the pursuit of finding a cure for the chronic and debilitating disease. A multi-faceted creative observer, Shannon is constantly pushing boundaries and her own personal limits in order to capture life in spectacular photographs in both digital and film formats.



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Charlie was born in Poughkeepsie New York in July of 1911 to Italian Immigrant parents. He played baseball for the Progressive League in the 1930's in Duchess County New York. He was a loyal New York Mets fan, a blaster on the Taconic State Parkway and a Machinist for IBM.

Inspired by the world opened to him through his multitude of National Geographic magazines, he filled drawers with photographs, and collected cameras - the tools with which he crafted his unique vision. His photography was a treasure trove of his travel memories from up and down the eastern seaboard - people, landscapes, cars, bridges, architecture: the world through his eyes.  

The stories he shared and the memories that he left behind, ignited the imagination of a young Shannon Lee.



Color Film Grain-6.jpg

Of the many cameras Charlie owned and collected throughout his life, the star of the set was his Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100.  This polaroid, the first model in the 100-400 series of folding Polaroid cameras was successfully refurbished for Shannon to be able to utilize in parts of her project.  


Shooting with this piece of personal history has not been without challenges - not the least of which has been simply locating film stock. For a brief time Fujifilm made available the FP-100C film needed to utilize these land cameras. But, in 2016 the film was discontinued. Not one to be discouraged, Shannon was able to preserve expired rolls in cold storage to shoot during parts of her still projects, to pay homage to the man who sparked her initial interest in photography.