a lupus documentary




In her raw and thought-provoking filmmaking debut, photographer and lupus warrior Shannon Lee will showcase the lives of individuals fighting the chronic, debilitating and often life threatening disease known as lupus. An insightful documentary which highlights the lives and journeys of three individuals living with this invisible disease, yet suffering differently, is told from her unique point of view as a lupie who had seemingly lost her dreams to the disease, but is now finding her artistic voice through it. Exploring the emotional and financial strain that chronic illness puts on everyday life, Chasing the Wolf will change the way others think about both chronic illness and those who battle it everyday. 



Shannon Lee is a Los Angeles-based photojournalist. She is an Ambassador and Congressional Advocate for her fellow lupus warriors, educating the community and elected officials about lupus' devastating toll on the 1.5 million lupus sufferers in the United States. She will return to Capitol Hill in June of 2022 in order to urge members of Congress to support policies which accelerate research for new treatments and provide compassionate care for people living with the disease. Shannon's own diagnosis took five years (the average length of time to a lupus diagnosis is six years); her personal battle with lupus derailed her life in many challenging and unexpected ways. After being forced to take a hiatus from photography to make her health a priority, the career that she loved was reduced to a hobby. In the aftermath, she came to the realization that perhaps this was the course that she was meant to be on: using her creative talents to visually tell the stories of those affected by lupus. It is her hope that by sharing the stories of those in the lupus community, much needed support and understanding will grow. 


Ben Dukes is a Writer/Producer and Actor in Los Angeles. His experience as an athlete at the University of Georgia led to a fast entry into the film industry, scoring him multiple opportunities to perform football stunts in both feature films and television shows. In the decade-plus career that has followed, he has appeared opposite Oscar winning stars, performed his music for millions on national TV, and played an active role in bringing Emmy-Award Winning TV shows to life. He met Shannon in 2012 and, inspired by her relentless spirit, has taken an active role in spreading awareness and fighting lupus alongside her.